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Is Earned Media Still Possible?

Yes! Earned media is still alive and well in today's digital age. In fact, it is one of our greatest strengths here at Swerve.

Earned media refers to publicity that is gained through promotional efforts other than paid advertising, such as through word-of-mouth, media coverage, or social media sharing.

While the rise of social media and digital advertising has certainly changed the media landscape, there are still opportunities for brands to generate earned media.

At Swerve we focus on creating high-quality and shareable content, social engagement , collaboration, positive brand experiences, and above all, we nurture our partnerships, relationships and knowledge of the media landscape.

The opportunity for earned media has certainly not disappeared, but has become a coveted skillset that should not be overlooked. Targeted coverage requires a strategic and consistent approach. It's not enough to simply create great content and hope that people will discover and share it on their own. Brands need to actively work to promote their content and engage with their audience in order to generate earned media.

FUJIFILM PRINTLIFE was featured on the Marilyn Denis Valentine's Day giveaway segment ,which aired across 7 key markets including Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Montreal, Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario and Atlantic Canada, garnering a reach of over 10 Million impressions. Marilyn was ecstatic when she was surprised with the latte mug with her prom photo and yearbook message.

Way to go TEAM SWERVE!


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