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D-Link, a leading technology company specializing in networking solutions for the home and business, was launching two new wi-fi enabled home monitoring cameras in 2016 with unique features.  To achieve their sales goals, the company needed to get the message out to as many consumers as possible. With a limited number of consumer tech media, SWERVE needed to find a creative solution. 

  • Positioned D-Link’s new monitoring cameras as a convenient and easy way to monitor the home for security, babysitting, pet activity etc. 

  • Went beyond traditional media reviews and leveraged the influential voice of parenting and lifestyle Canadian bloggers to reach their followers

  • Encouraged original photography and real life experiences with the cameras from bloggers and media outlets. 

  • Targeted top tier media and blogger contacts with successful social media channels for extended brand exposure.


  • Coverage beyond set expectations with 47 stories and over 7,621,717 impressions

  • ROI: 1,757%

  • Cost-per-contact of $0.0006

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