"Mattel #Reconnect"

Rebrand Campaign


The board games industry is highly competitive. Despite Mattel Games having a portfolio of well-known and classic games, sales were declining.


Mattel needed a way to reinvigorate consumer communication to solidify their market share position and to help breathe new life into mature game titles like Pictionary and UNO.

Mattel challenged Swerve to develop a program that would support their entire portfolio of games while driving purchases across a broad spectrum of titles.

Our solution: a rebrand that encouraged people to #Reconnect with Mattel Games, pushed out with tactics that increased sharing potential in digital, print and with top influencers.



Develop a rebrand for Mattel Games, including a new logo branding guidelines

Create a video that tells the #Reconnect story to share digitally and on social media channels

Coordinate product giveaways and reviews with parenting influencers and media sources 

Draft gift and game guides with #Reconnect messaging and distribute review samples to Canadian digital and print outlets

Partner with Mattel’s media purchasing partners to maximize and promote influencer content

Send personalized “surprise-and-delight” mailers to select lifestyle and family influencers in Canada.

Sample coverage


197 stories across multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Print, Digital)



Secured 31,694,969 impressions in five months with a 6.8% average engagement rate.

Obtained a cost-per-click rate of $0.0008 (against industry standard of $0.03).

Ultimately, Mattel saw retail sales increase double digits month-over-month.


"Since we started executing the Reconnect campaign, Mattel has seen retail sales increase over double digits month-over-month"