Swerve Let's Play

Media & Influencer Showcase


Brands want one-on-one time with media and influencers. In general, they create dedicated events, which are expensive and risky.

Influencers, too, have event fatigue. They are invited to dozens of events during key buying seasons and end up not going simply due to time constraints.

In response, Swerve created an event unlike any other in Canada. We call it "Let's Play": a one-stop-shop for brands to showcase their products in a meaningful way in the influencer age.



Find a trendy venue in Toronto that’s perfect for activations and networking for brands and influencers.

Drive real-time coverage on social media and traditional media via “Insta-worthy” media stations.

Provide exhibitors with a mix of traditional media, social media and YouTube influencers

Invite an exclusive list of local family/lifestyle influencers and media to attend

Inspire each influencer to post on their channels about the event, both during and after

Ultimately increase brand awareness, equity, credibility and trust for attending brands

See for yourself

Let’s Play welcomed 100 media and influencers plus their families

544 individual media stories were published across four platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and broadcast)

Let’s Play saw a total of 7,676,403 impressions across multiple platforms.





“Let’s Play let us showcase our hottest and trendiest toys to influencers and media in a unique format. It brought us extra attention and gave us a chance to amplify the conversation about our latest offerings.” 



“Let’s Play was buzzing online and in-person. Kids, parents and influencers had a chance to play with our latest playsets and take their excitement online. It was a wonderful opportunity and let us create unique connections at Playmobil Canada.”


YouTube Channel

236k subscribers

“We are still buzzing from all the excitement at Let’s Play. All of us had a chance to check out and play with the season’s hottest toys. We cannot wait to go back!” 



142k readership

"We were excited for the chance to try out the latest toys and products at Let’s Play and look forward to sharing what we saw with our readers.”




“We got to check out the coolest and hottest toys at Let’s Play. Liam had almost as much fun as I did!”