What Once Was Lost Can Now Be Found Thanks to @TiledIt

Apr 10, 2017 | Client: Tile | Blog: 4 The Love of Mommy |

I use my phone every day for so many of my daily tasks that when I put it down and can’t find it, I find myself freaking out just a little. I know it sounds awful but I literally have my entire life tied to the phone in some way. My calendar, kids appointments, banking, school information and communication apps, apps for keeping in touch with family and friends overseas and everything blog related.  I also have a bad habit of having it on silent because I get constant notifications all day long and I would go nuts if I had to listen to them all.  This presents a problem when I put it down and then go to where I thought I had it and can’t find it. But what once was lost can now be found with a new product, Tile.

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