Vtech Rock & Bop Music Player

Apr 20, 2017 | Client: VTech Canada | Blog: The Knitwit by Shair |

There a times when I need my boys to be quiet and patient while waiting. That can be hard for young kids, so we always bring their “iPhones” with them when they go out. Basically they are old iPhones hubby and I upgraded from and just handed over, but basically anything quiet with games on it would work.  I use these all the time at Doctor’s offices and the such.  I think the Rock & Bop Music Player™ by VTech® is the perfect solution for younger kids!  Not only does it come with headphones, fun games, but it teaches them and keeps them engaged.

This fun music player has ten musical games. In some situations they can get up and dance!  In others they can sit quietly and play!  The Rock & Bop introduces letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time and more through a variety of songs. Play songs in different styles, hear animals sing songs and choose from various instruments to experiment with different melodies.

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