Train in Technology Expo

Mar 1, 2017 | Client: VEX Robotics | Newspaper: The Barrie Examiner |

Veronica MacFie, a Grade 4 student from St. Bernadette Elementary School, runs a practice session with her Vex robot during Wednesday’s Train in Tech Expo held at Barrie Molson Centre. The event was open to the public and was a great opportunity to see local companies as they showcased how they use technology in a wide variety of fields. Mark Wanzel/Barrie Examiner/Postmedia Network

Hundreds of high school students scooted through the busy aisles of the Train in Technology Expo, scurrying from robot races to a line-up to try on the virtual reality goggles at the Tyger Shark booth.

“We’re really just showcasing the current state of technology,” said Aaron McMurter of Tyger Shark.

McMurter spoke after fitting goggles on the head – and controllers on the hands – of a student, who was suddenly mesmerized by his gloved white hands on the screen as the tech expo faded and the screen morphed into his new reality.

While the teen played, McMurter said Tyger Shark had used its 3D video technology to record the last Tragically Hip concert. It also has real world applications as well, he said, explaining it can be used for training paramedics or construction workers in “real-world” scenarios – without leaving the office.

Down the long aisle and around the corner, a third of the hockey rink pad was filled with wooden tracks housing robots, hustling to pick up small brown footballs and drop them into a bin or toss them through a small hole to score points.


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