Tile Mate March Madness

Apr 3, 2017 | Client: Tile | Blog: The Knitwit by Shair |

I am pretty well known for losing things, so I am always doing things so that I won’t lose them. I was always losing my phone until I got my apple watch, so I love that I can press a button and it dings. I need something like that for so many more things! That’s why hubby went and got us a Tile Mate! After a year though, we needed a new one, as they last about a year before they need replacing. So I was thrilled to get one for the blog to review.

There is a story behind why we got one originally….and I shall tell it to you.  NOTE This is not my fault!

So our one cat likes to go into the garage workshop with hubby and work with him.  He likes to walk around in there and investigate.  It’s the cleanest garage anyone has ever seen, and it’s heated with a little plug in heater. So it’s completely safe for him and he loves it.

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