This might be the coolest toy we have ever seen

May 24, 2017 | Client: Sphero | Blog: the |

The future of toys has arrived. Robotic toy company Sphero has teamed up with Disney’s Pixar to bring the famous Lightning McQueen from the Cars franchise to life and trust us, it’s pretty life-like.

The new ‘Ultimate Lightning McQueen’ feels like movie Lightning McQueen has crashed through the screen and into your living room. With the ability to respond to a user’s touch, thanks to its five touch panels, the car can snuggle up to users like a cat. And not just any cat, a cat that actually likes you. And while suspension isn’t something we normally talk about, the new Lightning McQueen moves like the actual car from the Pixar films, drifting, moving up and down, easily taking corners and getting up to speeds of 6 miles per hour. Doc Hudson would be proud.

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